Namebase has been acquired by Namecheap

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What is Namecheap?

Namecheap is an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar situated in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Namecheap has 18 million users and 15 million domains.

What is Namebase?

Namebase is a safe and simple way to connect with Handshake, a decentralised internet blockchain DNS for the decentralized web. Buy, sell, and manage Handshake Root Names on Namebase. In other words Namebase is a marketplace for Handshake Names.

Namecheap has acquired a controlling stake in Namebase

As you may have heard, Namecheap has purchased a significant share in Namebase!

Namebase Announcement

With the help of Namecheap, Namebase will continue to operate as an independent lean startup (meaning we'll still be the same platform you're currently acquainted with).

Namecheap's all-in commitment to lead Handshake to mainstream adoption has us all at Namebase squealing with joy, despite the fact that this news may be a little bittersweet.

Namecheap was the first domain name registrar to accept Bitcoin as payment, thus it has decades of expertise in the DNS sector on its side. That was a long time ago!

Namecheap was a pioneer in the domain name system industry.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, Namecheap was an early adopter.

Namecheap is currently a pioneer in a new technology called Handshake, which brings together the finest of DNS and cryptography.

Please be aware that it may take a few months for this transition to settle down completely, and as a result, support requests, bug patches, and new feature launches may take longer than normal.

There is still plenty of time to get enthusiastic about Handshake's near future, but

Until then, have a nice naming!

Namer Norms

  1. Handshake's directors are known as the Namers. Handshakes may be improved by anybody, and no one can control them.
  2. Among the core values of the Namers movement is the belief that the internet should be a free, open, secure, and open to all. All of these features make handshake domains an excellent choice for anyone who wants to own a domain name that's censorship-resistant and completely private.

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