Opera will adopt Handshake web3, decentralized domain naming in 2022

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Handshake (HNS) is a peer-to-peer blockchain network that acts as a secure public registry. It's a revolutionary approach to domain name ownership that gives users more control and ownership of their domain name and website. Because they are maintained on a Proof-of-Work blockchain, HNS Domains are uncensorable, unseized, and untampered.

There is good news for Handshake community, Opera is ready to implement Handshake in there browser before Brave browser. It's a New year Gift to every Handshake domain owner that their website will open in opera without any extra dns setup in 2022.

There were some rumors that Brave will implement handshake before anybody else do. Brave is too slow for that.

Opera took the chance and become 1st browser to support handshake domains. Millions of names already registered in Handsome blockchain. As opera annuced this news on 31st December 2021 they were going to integrate Handshake for blockchain-based, decentralized domain naming in 2022. Millions of handshake name owner are very happy with this news.

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A Gateway to Decentralized web 3.0

Web 3.0, often known as the decentralised web, is an enhancement over the present Web 2.0 Internet. Web 3.0 is also thought to be more user-specific, ensuring data security and privacy while reducing Internet hacking risk. Opera's web 3.0 support is a great support for Decentralized web cummnity. They are opening a new gatway to open and free web. people can easily access dweb.

News from Opera


The last day of 2021. In order to integrate the decentralised blockchain domain name system, Handshake, we've joined forces with the dWeb Foundation. Handshake is a decentralised, permissionless naming system that replaces the standard DNS namespace hierarchy with a more sophisticated, safe, open, and accountable network. The integration will be live in 2022.

This agreement is another step in our quest to make crypto and web3 more popular by giving our consumers the most options possible. Opera's products aim to provide the finest user experience and web3 onboarding.

“As a web3-ready browser, Opera must support decentralised domains and domain name alternatives. dWeb Foundation and Handshake to provide our consumers access to web3 domains they can actually own,” stated Susie Batt, Opera's Crypto Ecosystem Lead.

“A truly democratised Web 3.0 requires new infrastructure. Handshake is an important part of the paradigm change. First major browser to support HNS, Opera's forward-looking vision and posture in the browser ecosystem. “This alliance is just the beginning of the endeavour to develop a decentralised web,” said Chjango Unchained, dWeb Foundation Executive Director.

In regards to Opera

There are hundreds of millions of people across the world who use Opera every month to improve their online experience. After more than two decades of innovation, Opera is now expanding its company into new markets by utilising its brand and highly engaged user base. A wide range of goods and services are available to consumers throughout the world today, including PC and mobile browsers, newsreaders and applications for gaming, crypto-currency exchanges and classifieds. The first browser with a built-in crypto wallet and web3 compatibility was launched by Opera in 2018. Opera has its corporate headquarters in Oslo, Norway, and is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ (OPRA).

About the Handshake

As a decentralised, permissionless naming system, Handshake displaces the existing DNS namespace hierarchy's old guard of Certificate Authorities with a more modern, safe, open, and accountable network. This new system replaces ICANN with a public ledger, making it a more plausible replacement for the current Domain Name System.

Visit www.handshake.org for additional information.

About the dWeb Foundation

The Handshake Naming System serves as the foundation for the dWeb (decentralised web) Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the creation of a new, democratic web.
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